About Kenneth Carl (KC) Grondin III

Kenneth Carl Grondin III was a bright, 19 year old, young man with his whole life ahead of him until he was falsely accused, arrested and charged with murdering his girlfriend in 2012. After living in limbo for four years he went to trial and was wrongfully convicted of felony murder in the first degree with a possible mandatory life sentence. This was a travesty of justice, an atrocity of mishandling of evidence, denial of rights to a lawyer, mishandling of a crime scene, denial of certain evidence in the actual trial, no weapon, no DNA, no fingerprints, other persons of interest that were never investigated and so much reasonable doubt those of us in the courtroom are wondering how the jury heard something so different that this could actually happen. We ask you once you look over this whole website and read everything from top to bottom, the undisputed facts and What Others Say you decide. When you have reached the obvious decision of his innocence please sign the petition and make a donation to help us find the real killer and finally once and for all seek the real truth and let both families finally get closure in this horrible case of injustice!

KC graduated from Lapeer East High School with honors in 2010 where he was an honor roll student and part of the jazz, marching and symphony band. During his senior year, he took engineering classes through U of M Flint, and after graduating, he continued his education at U of M Flint majoring in Business. He's a smart kid and has a bright future ahead of him.

KC and his girlfriend had a beautiful relationship... it was young, true love. He's very close with his Mom, Dad, Brother, and Grandparents, and has amazing relationships with his cousins and friends too. He's a wonderful young man that always puts others first.